So this one time I went to a big gay conference in Atlanta, met dozens of amazing people, and got to see Frenchie Davis sing Lady Gaga live. I don’t really understand my life sometimes, but right now I don’t have any reason to complain.
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    I just recognized the blond a few seconds into this oh my gosh please tell me who this lost connection is!!
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    I seriously hate what tumblr has done to this entire conversation. Instead of people who are bisexual speaking out and...
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    I don’t want to deny the credibility of what’s being said above, and I fully recognize and check my monosexual...
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    you can pretty much know that whenever they Don’t Mention how someone self-identifies it = Bisexual
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    Good: out & proud bisexual performer Frenchie Davis singing "Born The Way" by the out & proud bisexual artist Lady Gaga...
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