My name is Colin. I'm 19 from State College, Pennsylvania and I'm a Junior at Penn State (yep, third year student, not the flimsy "oh look how many credits I have" kind of junior).

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babies are like the worst stds ever

…pretty sure aids kills faster in most cases, but then again, kids can be like a very slow and painful death.  

technically aids isn’t an std. hiv is an std that results in you developing aids because it destroys your immune system.

also i’m exhausted and recovering from being sick I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING

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not that it's my business but i was just curious if you and this guy were all good even when he told you that he had tested positive i guess i'm just curious about the situation sorry cx

yeah! seriously he was just like “hey i found out i was positive for gonorrhea and you should get tested. it’s only one pill or one shot to treat it and if you have it, it would show up on a test by now”

and then i got tested and nothing showed up so it was fine

it was a little scary, but that’s why it’s important to get tested often!

babies are like the worst stds ever

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A newish friend (we met at SF Pride) came into town while I was still in Denver and we got dinner and hooked up. A few weeks later he let me know that he had tested positive for gonorrhea and that even though he and I had been totally safe, I should get tested.

It was very good of him to let me know, I stopped hooking up with people, I got tested the same day I went into a doctor to talk about Truvada as PrEP and I got the results today! All clear.

lol i’ve been stalking the penn state and psu tag looking for cute freshman boys but ALSO to see how people are preparing for their first day at college and everybody is so panicky and in my mind I’m thinking “how silly” but then I went back to find the tumblr post i made the night before college.

carry on.

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My headcanon for what GLaDOS is thinking 100% of the time

i just sort of sense leakycon and tessanetting being upset that they didn’t do this during the opening ceremony this year