My name is Colin. I'm 19 from State College, Pennsylvania and I'm a Junior at Penn State (yep, third year student, not the flimsy "oh look how many credits I have" kind of junior).

There's a whole lot of gay on this blog, but also a lot of Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Disney, etc... You've probably come across one of my Frozen posts.


very stressful week coming up

stay tuned

sometimes i feel like i’m too slutty
then i go on grindr

sometimes i feel like i’m too slutty

then i go on grindr


Walk Into School On The 1st Day Like..

i also once spent a middle school dance determined to kiss a boy by the end and guess what did not happen

butterbeer-slightly-queer asked
whoa wow why was the gym teacher an ass? what did you say to the principle??? that is fascinating tell us more

okay so i have never been good at doing pushups like it’s sort of a running joke of my life that pushups ARE NOT MY THING

and the gym teacher would literally scream at me calling me a wimp during gym class for not being able to adequately do pushups like the other students and ugh that’s not okay bro

so basically 7th grade colin went on a VERY LONG RANT to his (my) middle school principal (who funny story had a DUI while I was in middle school) about how demeaning he was to students. 

don’t fuck with me especially when i have to sweat. (i say like anything came of said ranting but i like to think he got a STERN TALKING TO)

Anonymous asked
In case you're feeling shitty or down for whatever reason: You went to the gym everyday! That's fucking awesome! I was gonna say 'I don't have that strength' but I know I DO, I've just yet to exhibit it. (: You're a winner and don't ever fucking forget it Colin.

so much positivity for 1:30 in the morning

but thank you

Anonymous asked
How was syllabus week?

i worked a lot

dropped a class, added a class

didn’t go to any parties because i’m boring

did go to the gym everyday

i once spent an entire middle school dance confronting the principal about what an asshole the gym teacher was

sometimes i think back to middle school dances


just no.